Auto generation of thumbnails is not working on our site

So, I have uploaded a series of mov files to field “sg_uploaded_movie” in Version table. Presuming thumbnail is auto generated. Next day, thumbnails are still not generated. It is only a thumbnail but super helpful for supervisors. How do I ensure it works.

Tried uploading to sg_uploaded_movie_mp4 but it does not reflect in animated thumbnail being generated.
Have tried site preferences → advanced → Show the linked entity’s thumbnail on Versions
But no effect.

If it has to be done manually what method will accept mp4. As seen in document sg.upload_filmstrip_thumbnail() takes jpg. Will it give animated effect. ?

In general, what am i missing from the context. ?

Hey @nishith From your description, you’ve taken the correct steps to have your file uploaded and transcoded so this is either a bug, or the format of your uploaded file isn’t supported by our transcoder. Either way, feel free to reach out to the support team, and they’ll assist: Contact Customer Support | Autodesk Support

Sounds like you are looking at the old static thumbn ail fierld, not the query based one?
Check the thumbnail field’s configuration (via the context menu).

So the issue was between using update and upload. update does not create thumbnails whereas upload does. Thank you.

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