Filmstrip thumbnail for Asset entity

Is it possible to use Shotgun.upload_filmstrip_thumbnail against an Asset entity? I noticed there is no sg_uploaded_movie_mp4 field on assets so I guess this means no, or am I missing something?

I tried running the command and received no error, yet the thumbnail of the asset is unchanged.

filmstrip thumbnail is particular to the Version entity.
Instead you would use Shotgun.upload_thumbnail(entity_type , entity_id , path , **kwargs )

Thanks for responding, @schicky.

Allegedly, filmstrip thumbnails are supported in other entities (mocap, and published files), see 8.15 Release Notes - #2 by teerathut

Also discussed here, Animated thumbnails for entities other than Version - #11 by brandon.foster

I guess, for now, I can get what I need with Shotgun.share_thumbnail.