Fixing a Task Assignment on a Note from Note View

Working on a deployment of ShotGrid and one of my Supes came to me with a fairly basic question, but I can’t quite seem to work it out.

They asked if they assign a note to the wrong task, what’s the best way to relink the task.

That seemed basic, but even from the notes tab on the task level; if I try to reassign a note to a task, it will prompt me with all the tasks of that name within the project, and won’t limit it to the Shot that this Task and Note are assigned to.

My guess is that it’s because Links is Multi-Entity; and I can’t filter by “Current Shot” because it may not be linked to a shot.

Is there a workflow I’m missing here/

Just to close out my own issue, I did realize that you can pretty easily assign a new task to a note by replying to that note, and assigning a new task to that reply, which will overwrite the original task. The reply will also limit itself only to the tasks available within that scene, which is exactly what I was hoping for.

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