Link field directly to Note attachment on a "Tasks" type page?

Hello! I have a custom page my team uses to track what tasks for Assets have been reviewed within the past 72 hours. It’s a pretty simple Tasks type page created by filters.

However, in addition to the internal usage, we also want to share this page with a vendor studio so they are as up to date as we are on what’s been reviewed. Unfortunately, the best I could come up with is a link to the most current note on that task - which is very helpful, but it is crucially missing any info / links to the attachments on that note.

Because we don’t use the “Open Notes” system for assets, I can’t really use the built-in Open Notes Count column. I’ve tried several experiments to pull in the Attachments on a given note, but none of them are working so far.

Here’s what the page looks like.

You can click on the most recent note to get to the Note entity’s page, but that is time consuming and also doesn’t tell you in advance if there is an attachment or not.

I tried creating a field like this first, but it won’t pull in anything (column ends up blank on the page).

Next, I read over this thread here, but I still have no luck with this method either.

Here’s my attempt at a similar thing, but also no luck.

Just to be clear, I’m trying to have a clickable link show up on this page that links to this from the note itself.

If anyone has any thoughts on how to accomplish this (if it can be accomplished), it would be greatly appreciated!

  • Ross