Link to a Note from Display view?

Is there any way to get the link for a specific note (i.e., the URL like this):Screenshot 2020-02-05 17.10.03
to show up on the Note Info summary? Is it a field that can be viewed/copied from in any way? I see that you can have the ID display, but I’d like an easily-clickable link I can copy/paste into a chat program or my to-do list, if possible.

I know I can get to this by looking at the grid view, then clicking on the Note’s link, and then copying the URL from there, but I’m not typically looking at it from the grid view so this is sort of a pain.


Maybe you could have a URL field on the note entity with the template as follows:


Then you could add this field in grids or field widgets in canvases. The actual text would be static, something like URL but you could right-click / copy the URL out. A possible improvement would be to have the static text field in the config be allowable as blank and it would just output the actual URL as the text.


I will try this - thanks!

:tada: :tada:Worked like a charm - thanks! :tada: :tada:


Aw yeah! Super stoked it worked out for you!