Move a note to a different asset

I’m splitting some assets that were grouped as a single asset pack, breaking them out into individual assets. I want to dupe notes that have been sent and have them show up in the activity stream.

Duping and linking the notes to the new asset - no problem, but how do I make them show up in stream… Changing the note link seemed to work for one of them and not others.

Any pointers


Hey Drew,

Notes will show up in something like an Asset’s activity stream only if the Note was linked to it at creation time. It will not appear if the Note link is changed after the fact, unfortunately. If you’re duplicating Notes, it may be easier to set up a Notes tab on your Asset detail pages filtering for relevant Notes rather than relying on the activity stream.

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I think if you thread a comment to the duped note it’ll then show up - I’ve done similar stuff and if I duplicate things (or link something to a new asset) and then go in and make a threaded response to that note like “This note was originally part of another thing and I moved it here” or something similar, then the whole thing will show up in the Activity stream. (I don’t know if I’m explaining this well.)

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Just tested it - threading a response works. So to clarify:

  • copied the note
  • attached it to a different asset, confirmed duplicated note did NOT show up in Activity stream
  • replied to that note and both the original note and reply showed up in the Activity stream

Attaching a screengrab from my sandbox project as proof of concept.


Ahh, didn’t realize that. Thanks for pointing that out, Jessica!

Nice, Thanks.