Shot breakdown list not showing in sequence

Hi there,
I have an asset breakdown in the shot linked to the sequence and the episode.
But not all the assets linked to the shots are showing in the sequence or in the episode breakdown.
Can someone help to fix it?


Hey there,

Welcome to the Shotgun community :tada: Thanks for dropping a line.

Since this is specific to what you’re seeing on your site, I’d recommend sending in a support ticket (, and including a link to the Shot that you’re having issues with.

It’d also be helpful to know which Assets are missing, and where you’re looking in Shotgun that you’re expecting to see them. All of these entities (Shots, Assets, Sequences, and Episodes) have different Fields and relationships to each other, so the context of what you’re looking at is really important in order for us to be able to help you get to the bottom of why things aren’t looking as you’d expect.



Thanks Jessica.


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