How to limit shots field to shots in current episode

Here’s my problem: I have an animation director who’s setting up comp files, and he’s using the main Assets tab on our project, going to the Background that he needs, and then figuring out which shots within that episode have that background by wrapping the text in the linked Shots field so he can see which shots in that episode that background is in. The problem is we have 20 episodes, and some of these backgrounds appear in multiple shots in multiple episodes, so that list gets a bit long and unwieldy. I tried setting up an Assets tab in the Episode page, thinking I could filter ONLY for the assets in that Episode, and THAT works, but what I can’t figure out is how to set up some sort of query field that displays ONLY the shots in that episode, and not every shot the asset appears in.

I know this is probably possible, but I can’t figure out how to attack it from the direction this director wants to go in, i.e., being able to play/download the background from Shotgun (so he wants to start at the asset page, NOT from the shots page), so any advice would be appreciated.

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