Listing subassets

I’d like to create an asset list for a sequence.

My sequences are simple, just a collection of assets. I can get those to show up easily, but is there a way to display those assets’s subassets as well without having to link them to the sequence entity?

For instance, I have “Sequence_001” that contains an asset “Char_001”, which contains “Sword_001” and “Hat_001”. How can I display a “Sequence _001” asset list that contains “Char_001”, “Sword_001” and “Hat_001” without linking every subasset to the “Sequence_001”?


Hi Bonnie,

There is a way to do this with a Query Field. It will display the count of Sub Assets. You can click the count to display a popup grid with the contents.

The Query Field would look like this (and it is a little confusing):

you need to scroll to the bottom and select the Linked Fields -> Parent Assets/(linked)Sub Assets/(linked) Parent Assets/Sequence):

The Sequence Page would then display the count of Sub Assets like this:

If you click on the ‘6’, you get a popup grid like this:

Hopefully that makes sense and will work for you.


Yup, that makes sense. But there’s an extra step of having to click on the count that my producer hates.

Is there a way to have “Display” option of the query to simply be the spreadsheet of the assets?