Change filter for Tasks on Asset based Grid

I have a user that would like to display the Tasks for Subassets on the Asset list page beneath the list of Tasks for the parent Asset.

So, in this example, this is a list of Assets and they’d like to see the Tasks for “variantC1” and “variantC2” here, beneath the list of Tasks for “Character C”:

Is that possible?


Hi Josh,

I guess it depends on how you break it down. If there are Tasks on the Parent Object, and you make the Parent Object a self-referential child, and group by Parent Asset, you would see it all.

I’ve grouped by Parent Asset.

If there are no Tasks on the Parent, don’t reference the Parent in the Sub Assets and check the (blank) Sub assets Filter.

That’s all I can think of.



Thanks, Matt. Those are great ideas.

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