Multiple Images for a Single Version

Is there a way to connect multiple images to a single version? We really like the feature of when clicking on a version thumbnail you are able to draw on the image and write comments for review. However a single image is not representation enough for our versions. Multiple images are always going to be part of a single version.

We have tried:

  • Uploading an MP4 rather than an image. We string together all the images into a single MP4 and then upload that - this works but is a bit wonky, since you need to start/stop a video
  • Create a multiple entity file field. This is able to hold many files but there doesn’t seem to be a convenient way of viewing (and commenting) on all the files. It seems like clicking on the file loads an intermediate page + another click needed to open the full size image - not scalable for ~40 images. Just brought up this, but not sure if this is much better.
  • Trying to follow this previous instructions here. We are not too versed in RV and was getting an error or two when trying to upload. There may be something there with the uploading with a number name ####.jpg but was unable to get that to work via the website.

We are going to automate this process in the future where the Shotgrid API is uploading the images to Shotgrid.

Can you elaborate on your use case?
Why does one version need to represent 40 images?

For sure! We have many different pieces of digital art such as cartoon-house, cartoon-car, cartoon-cat, etc. And each of those pieces of digital art are in many color schemes, around 40.

All of these images are looked at by a reviewer, and a few get comments on them. If any changes are needed to the cartoon-house, we would need to regenerate all 40 images and put them into a new version for review.

The 40 different color schemes do not warrant 40 different versions and all represent the same piece of digital art - just displayed in different ways.

In that case the most used workflow would be to create 1 version for your asset and generate a video file that displays each color variation on each frame (so your movie would have 40 frames).
Then you can review this 1 version and use the keyboard arrows to skip frames.

Another way to do this would be to generate the above, then generate a version for each of them and link them together somehow, create a webhook that changes the status of all the variations based on the “parent” versions status.

Something like that.