How to see attached images to versions in one page

Is it possible to have a page where you can see only the attached images to a version in one page?
The example here: we have characters and drawovers from the client attached to some versions. We would like to see only the attached images in a glance. Any idea how to do that or if this is possible in some way…


Hi @gsavard,

You should be able to achieve this with page filtering, you can get pretty complex about it in either a grid view or as a canvas widget,

Here I’ve used the link chain of having an entity grid of type File and using a page filter with the Idea that I will only see files that are attached to Versions that are linked to Shots where the current user viewing the page is set as the Assigned to for a task on that shot (A little long I know)


Now your filter may not be the same as this, but it can show you what is possible as long as the are single entity links between the user and the File.

Also check out our doc on advanced filtering;

Let us know if you have more questions about this. Happy Friday!



Awesome! We will look into this :slight_smile:
Happy Friday!!