When uploading a reference it gets linked to versions of a shot

Hi all, when prepping for a new project I like to add any reference or first bidding visuals to the shots before I ingest any plates. However I would like to keep this in the actual reference tab under a shot and I don’t want it to automatically link to the version tab of that shot as well.

Is there a way to do that?


Ideas for how to do this:

  1. create a separate “reference” and “plates” task on each shot. Then upload the reference versions linked to the reference task. The reference will still get uploaded as versions, but you can easily filter them out in your data views

  2. store the reference visuals in a folder on a google drive or on one of your servers. Then create a reference field (URL type) on the shots entity. You can copy/paste the url of the google drive or server folder into the reference field. Artists click on it and it takes them to the drive folder.

Or use the version name (filename) or the version type field to use as filtering for your tab.

The tabs are just tabs displaying versions with certain search parameters (page filters).