How to link playable Concept/Reference to Versions?

Hi all,

Our users are looking for a way to submit reference media (images, mov, etc) alongside versions for review in such a way that the reference items can be played in RV/Overlay and are linked to the submitted version. Basically what we want is to create a second version that isn’t for review but that supports a version that is for review.

I was wondering if anyone had any workflows, entities or fields to share a nice way of setting this up. We don’t believe we can use the Reference entity as is because that isn’t playable in RV/Overlay Player.

I believe Shotgun Create was looking at a means to do “Grouped submissions” which is similar to what we’re trying to do. But I can’t see that as a current option in Create (and we’re not using Create at this time - but if that was an option we may be more inclined to!)