Showing reference versions of Sequence in Asset Overview

Hello, I am creating reference images in a Sequence. Several assets are linked to that sequence.

When a user is viewing the asset using the Asset overview page I would like to add a Reference tab showing all references form the associated (linked) sequence.

How would I do that? I tried creating a new Tab in the Asset’s Overview page, but I am not seeing a way to configure a linked field as the source for the new Tab.

Hi @Cape,

What entity are your reference images being created as - Versions or Files? If the reference image entity has a link to the Sequence only, then you should still be able to create a “Reference” tab on the Asset Detail page IF you also have Assets linked to that Sequence.

In the example below, I’ve shown that the “File” entity contains my reference images. The reference images are linked directly to the Sequence entity “AA” which is also linked to the Asset “Wolf”. The tab shows I have 3 reference images linked to the current Asset via the Sequence > Assets link.

This is how you could set that filter up:

Let me know if you have any further questions!



Ah, I see. Yes, looks like my link to the Sequence is not correct as I am only seeing the reference images (as versions) for the asset only when reproducing your steps. I’ll revisit. Thank you!


Just shout if you need any further assistance! I’m happy to take a look at your site to investigate how you have it set up.