[SOLVED] Versions Tab shows all asset Versions not the specific Asset

When opening a specific Asset, we’re using four different Tabs -

  • Activity
  • Asset Info
  • Version
  • Tasks

What we’re seeing however with Version is that it shows all the checked-in Versions for all assets rather than Versions checked in to the specific Asset. Is there a way to limit that? Should we be using a different Tab to represent check-ins/versions?

Thank you!

It sounds like someone has turned off or removed the default page filter.
Check on the right side under “filter” if there is a default filter turned on.

The filter should look like this:

Much appreciated! I think my next concern is that I don’t have a Link to refer to - are there documentations I can look to that explain how to create a New Link? In this regard, I’m trying to create the Asset link category as it doesn’t exist.

Not entirely sure what you are trying to accomplish.
Can you give more details?

Right - so my hope is that if our Artists click on Versions, what they’ll see is the Versions that are checked specifically for that Asset.
For me to get there, I need to filter by Linking to that current asset. The problem I’m having however is that when I try to Create an Asset Link, Asset isn’t on the list (from the image above, it seems to be the only major component missing).

Hi @VincentB,

Can you ensure that in Site Prefereces > Entities, that Versions are enabled (and saved) on the Asset entity?

If already enabled, I recommend toggling it off, saving, then toggling it back on and saving.


What you are describing is exactly what happens when you set up the filter like in your first picture.

For the second picture I do not know what you have clicked to get there, it’s a pretty generic screen that can be triggered in a few places.

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Thank you to you both! The suggestions have solved my dilemma!