Is there some setting to view in activity?


We’re having a bit of a problem and I have a question.

When you create a “version” of the “Task”,
The “Tasks” activity does not displayed a history.
※It is shown in the activity of the “Asset”.

On other sites whitch I can login, when I did the same thing.
The history is displayed in the “Tasks” activity.

Do there any settings?

Thank you,


Hi Gou,

Thanks for reaching out! It can depend on the order of operations for how the Version was created. In order for something to appear in the activity stream, all the linkages (e.g. the Link field and Task field on the Version) need to be populated at the time of creation. If they are filled out or changed after the Version is created, then the Version will not appear in the activity stream. If you look at the time the Task field was populated vs. when the Version was created, do those times match up or are they different?

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Hi Brandon,

thank you for reply.
I’ve created an attached image, although it may not be what you’re looking for.
The version was created with “Link” and “Task” set.
but I can’t see it at activity…

thank you,

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Hi Gou,

Could you send me a private message with a link to this Task and I can investigate directly?


Hey Gou,

Thanks again for submitting that Zendesk ticket. I’m just following up reiterating what I wrote in the ticket you submitted, so there’s a resolution here for the public in the forum, too.

Taking a look at that Task on your site and its latest Version, you’re indeed correct - that the Task was linked to the Version upon Version creation.

Taking a look at your Global Follow Settings in the Admin menu though, it looks like Version wasn’t checked on under Task:

If you check that box, you should then see Versions in the Activity Stream for Tasks when they’re linked upon creation.