Bug detail vew version pages

I’m trying to create an alternative page on the shot detail view. One that allow me to see versions in detail view.

Everything seems to be okay, but when I click on one version to see the detail page it seams to be bug. Becouse instead of showing the detail page of the version, it show again the page I was.


What is the entity you chose to view in that page?

Can you share screenshots of what you set up?


Yes, on the shot entity detail view page I’m creating a new view.

I want this view to have in full screen page the verions of the shot and to be able to see it in detail view.

But then it happens what I posted before. It just show the same page.

I don’t know if may be I’m twisting it too much or is just that the detail view detect the shot entity of the page insted of the version entity of the page view and that’s why it show the same page.

I just wanted to have a version detail view of the shot versions in the shot detail view :sweat_smile:.

Thanks so much for reading this and for the help!!

In your site Settings under Entities → Version

Is the Version Detail page ticked on?

Hi Ricardo!

Thanks again for the help. I send you a video where you can see better what’s going on. You’ll se that the version detail page works fine in every other site of the project, but in that specific subpage of the shot detail view it breakes.

As the web doesn’t allow more tan 8mg I sare it from an myairbridge link:


when I have some time I’ll try to replicate.