Can I display the status of the latest Version for each Shot on my Shots page?

In Shots page I would like to have a Version Status column. I need that column to reflect the Status of the latest version of a shot. Right now, the Status of a version does not reflect on Shots page.


You can create a new Query field to pull in the status that you need from the Version. See example below:


Hi there!
I have a similar question, hoping to piggyback off of this .
Is there a way, in the shots page to display the approved version of each shot? (Let’s say that the version approval status is “Final”)

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Hey @Maria_Sartzetaki—welcome back to the community!

Yes—this is possible! You’ll do something similar to what’s suggested above, but you’ll want to add another filter condition of Status is Final and then change the Single Version option of Display this Version field = Thumbnail.

It’ll look like this:

You’ll then get a thumbnail in the row if there’s a version that matches the query. It’ll look like this:

That should do it—let us know if you’re looking for something else! :partying_face: