Show latest version per task per shot

Hello :slight_smile:

in a version overview page I would like to display the lastest version for each task for each shot to then later sort it by shots.
Until now, I can only seem to activate the checkbox ‘latest’ on top of the page (not in the filter section). This however, only affects the latest version of the whole shot - not for each task. And to my understanding this is hard-coded into Shotgrid.

Would it be possible to somehow activate this for each task per shot?
This would help me a lot.

Thank you so much!

You would have to do this on the Task Overview page (or when creating a custom page you need a Task grid).

A lot of people have these types of questions and usually resort in making loads of unessesary queery fields.

You need to ask for the right information and it starts with the right entity to start with.
In this case you are interested in seeing Tasks and relevant information :slight_smile: