Formatting Shot page in Detail view

When a shot page is viewed on a smaller screen (laptop) in Detail view, it’s hard to see any of the records under Tasks, Versions, Notes, etc. The lower portion of the shot detail page is compressed and unreadable. If you click on the Activity tab a scroll bar appears screen right which allows you to scroll down, but not on the other record tabs.

Rather than splitting the shot detail view window and locking the top portion in place (where the thumbnail and configurable shot fields are), can you not make it so either the whole page scrolls on whichever tab you’re on, like it does for the Activity tab? Screenshot attached detailing the (redundant) vertical scroll bars for record tabs:


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Hi Mark,

Thanks for the report. That gets squished pretty bad there, I see what you mean. I’ll report it to the product team, but in the meantime I’d recommend not using Detail view so you can recover the screen real-estate on the left side of the screen. You can still navigate between Shots using the navigation at the top of the detail page.

Thanks Brandon. Appreciate that alternative methodology exists to navigate the shot detail pages - but being able to use Detail view more efficiently would be the preferred solution.