Shotgun Scaling Issues on Laptop

Hi there,

Coworkers and I have experienced some bugginess when using Shotgun directly on our laptops’ smaller screens instead of being hooked up to our external monitors - wondering if anyone else out there has experienced anything similar!

For example if I’m looking at a shots page in list view, and attempt to change a date, everything scales in a way that cuts off the calendar and other areas of the page that essentially render me stuck and needing to refresh (or hook back up to my external monitors). I’ll also get a grey bar along the bottom 1/4 of my browser, and the top portion where I should be able to access Shotgun menu bars is just cut off and there’s no amount of scrolling that can bring it back.

This has proven to be more problematic for coordinators who are constantly just on their laptops in reviews. But I’ve found it to hinder my work in meetings as well.

I realize the description may not be ideal… but unfortunately I can’t attach a screen shot from my work’s SG…! Hopefully someone out there can relate!

Thanks in advance,


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Hey Taryn
Sorry for the trouble here - we haven’t heard of this issue from other clients, but it could have been introduced recently.
Is this happening when you’re working on your monitor, then unplug, and work on your laptop? Or just straight working on your laptop? What’s size/resolution are the laptop screens?
One thing we’ve seen cause issues with Shotgun, is if you zoom in/out on your browser - as a first step, can you check that there’s no browser zoom applied.

If the issue persists, feel free to submit a Shotgun support ticket with repro’ steps and screenshots.


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Hey Mason,

Thanks for the reply! I can confirm that there is no browser zoom applied when this is happening.

Typically the workflow is:

  • Working at desk connected to external monitors
  • Un-docking laptop to attend a meeting elsewhere in the office (all browser tabs remaining in tact)
  • During the meeting when working off the laptop, noticing resolution “glitches” if trying to edit certain fields (date fields have most prominently produced this issue)
  • Once docked again to the external monitors a refresh sorts everything back out

What’s fascinating is this happens across a range of laptops:

  • at work I’m on a Lenovo Thinkpad (1920x1080) > 14"
  • at home I experience the same issue on my 13" Macbook pro

I’ll see if I can repro this on my personal Shotgun host and grab screenshots from that for a ticket.



I experience the same thing. I only work on a laptop, so I don’t have anything to doc to. So I don’t have full access to many of Shotguns services, because of this. How can this be solved?