8.36 Release scrollbars buggy

Today’s release has buggy dual scrollbars at bottom

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Seeing it here too:

+1 can confirm

We’re also getting weird behavior with built-in fields like step & sg_status_list. Probably happening elsewhere but haven’t checked. If you click into either of those fields in any record starting 3rd from the top in a grid, it shoots the top of the menu up underneath the top Project bar so the top entries are cut off. Super annoying! Anyone else getting this?

This is happening specifically on entity detail pages, project Grid pages are fine.

Normal behavior:

Fun new behavior:

Seeing both the double scroll bars and the cut-off status menu as well.

Also seeing this in v8.36.0.9884. It’s been a week since the release and no response in this thread from any ADSK folks? I would have expected a rollback for a bug like this; with side scrolling on a mac trackpad, it’s very easy to throw yourself off the “side” of the screen.

Hi all,

We are tracking the issue. It was created by support and described, from what I see in the DB, as a minor issue not affecting workflows and production. No rollback was initiated because the issue is not blocking production.

From this thread, I acknowledge that the issue might not be minor in different contexts so:

  • I raised the priority of it.
  • I added any missing customers from this thread to the affected customers list.
  • I added some more of your comments in the issue to describe more in which workflows this can cause major problems.

I don’t have any ETA on when the fix will be provided. But we treat regression issues with high importance.

Thanks for your understanding,



Hi Francisca! Thanks for the acknowledgement. I do get that it’s not production-stopping, but when you consider how many production folks look at grid pages that are much wider than the browser window might be (gotta have all those pipeline steps visible and fully expanded, right? :joy:), it becomes a workflow hindrance and it can really throw you off your groove.

That said, I appreciate the raising of priority. Looking forward to seeing the fix go live :slight_smile:


No problem, I’ll continue to follow-up on it.

here tooo … using alot of screenproperty on my laptop …

Hello all!

Just a small update here, the issue should be fixed in today’s deployment !

Thanks for your patience,



Looks fixed! Thanks very much

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Thanks for the heads up, Francisca! Confirming it looks back to normal here, too.

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It’s great to read <3

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