Column weirdness

Is anyone else getting this bit of funkiness in Shotgun these days, or it is just me?

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@jlweiss, this seems a bit buggy. Can you let me know if your browser is at 100% zoom when you see this, and if it aligns as expected using another browser?

Also, do you have any advanced grouping going on?

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Hey @jlweiss - Just wanted to add to @shaynad 's suggestions;

I’ve seen similar results when shotgun is loaded in Internet Explorer, Edge, or Safari - The browsers don’t support the necessary (Javascript, I imagine) features.

Chrome is generally the most well tested browser - But my studio have found FireFox is SIGNIFICANTLY faster to load and has much more snappy responsive UI than Chrome is capable of.


The above was in Chrome, and I had searched for a certain term in Assets, so while I didn’t have advanced grouping on, I did have a search filter going. I’d noticed it a few times but now that I’ve asked about it, I’m having a hard time getting it to happen again. (Of course :roll_eyes:)

@shaynad I can get it to happen if I zoom in or out but I don’t think it was zoomed either way yesterday when I posted this. But I can’t be certain of that. I could not get the problem to crop up on Firefox.


@jlweiss - if you’re having a hard time getting it to happen again, it does sound related to a bug that we deployed a fix for later yesterday. The bug would happen with groupings, but with filtering could have been a side effect as well. Hopefully it was solved by the same fix :crossed_fingers:


Thanks for adding this @Pmack. Just wanted to also share that we have a list of official supported browsers we keep updated here.

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It does seem like that fix did the trick - thanks!