Is there no way to upload pdf files via shotgrid create?

Why can’t i upload PDF files as versions to my tasks in Shotgrid Create? In the browser it works but PDFs are industry standard files, they should be uploadable through Create or not?


Unfortunately, PDF are not supported as version in ShotGrid Create. But, they can be uploaded as an attachment to a Note.



The Publish2 app will happily publish them.

Create is made for a very different purpose.

Really sorry, I think i am misunderstanding ShotGrid Create then. I was under the impression it’s a tool for Artists to overview their tasks and upload Screenshots and Versions there for review?
In the browser I can easily upload a PDF file, so my assumption was that Create would mirror that feature as well.

Create is basically built on RV with a new shell and is meant for easy out of the box style reviews and collaboration.

It’s still in development so perhaps PDF support can/will be added in the future.

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