ShotGrid Create changing version status from Pending Review to random status upon upload

My studio is experiencing a problem where upon upload of a new version using ShotGrid Create, the status will appear to upload at “Pending Review” (which we set up in the field configuration) but a second after it uploads it changes it to a different status. I reached out to SG Support and they sent a ticket up to their development team but its been radio silence since. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Have you taken a look at the event logs?
Do you know if you have any event daemon or webhooks running?

If you look at the event logs you shoiuld at least be able to see an event that changed the status, perhaps it helps you figure it out.

The event log is saying the artist is doing it, however it is creating 2 events at the exact same time. The first one is “Artist changed “Status” from “” to “rev” on Version Name” and the second one is “Artist changed “Status” from “rev” to “rvsing” on Version Name”. For both cases the artists isn’t actually setting the status to anything - ShotGrid is autofilling it for them.

I did a test upload and I saw it say it was going to upload are Pending Review but literally a second after I hit the “send” button is flipped to revising.

Seems like some automation, either webhook or event daemon is doing that.
That would have to have been set up by someone at your studio.