Change Shot Status in ShotGrid Create

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I’m looking to change Shot Status within the Shotgrid Create UI. Our VFX supervisor wants to complete his reviews within that window. Currently you can change task status, but not Shot Status. Does anyone know if this is possible?

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@mmoshev - you seem like a very reliable person to ask!


I’m not familiar with ShotGrid Create, and I don’t know if you can hook in to create new buttons.
That said, it’s open source, so it must be possible to add that in.


It’s not possible to change the Shot Status in ShotGrid Create information panel unfortunately.



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I was able to work around this problem by incorporating a task based workflow rather than shot based. Making tasks contain all the nitty gritty detailed statuses - and resigning Shot Status field to only containing 3 or 4 general statuses. None of which need to be changed by supervisors via the Shotgrid Create UI.

Thank you for your advice!

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That would have been my suggestion too, track things where they make sense.

You could also use a Event Daemon or Webhook to change the Shot status based on a status change of the Task.

Great logical next step! Thank you

Putting this link here for people to reference: