Organise Inbox

Can anyone help me in organising the Shotgun Inbox?
I am working on multiple projects and my inbox is filled with 99+ unread messages. I want to segregate the projects. Can’t I have 3 separate inboxes for 3 projects(its an example, this is less)
Sometimes I want to be in cc of a project but checking them is not my priority. Please help.

Vrisshti Singh

Hi @Vrisshti_Singh,

The Shotgun Inbox has the capability to filter out by notification type, read and unread messages. Any other sorting or filtering options are not available at this time, such as by Project. I can appreciate how this would be helpful when you are getting many notifications.

My recommendation to you would be to ensure you are only being notified about “need to know” updates, and then creating pages to follow any other information on entities as you see fit. An example is having a page for all your Notes, and then having a tab that filters for Notes To you, a tab for those Cc to you and a tab for Notes you are the Author for example, then you can check that page to see any relevant updates where needed.

I appreciate if you need all the notifications you do though, the above may not work for you. If you would like to submit a feature request, you can head to the post below to learn how.


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