Inbox Filtering Suggestion

Being able to filter the Inbox by Notes, Version Creation, Publish and so on is great, but I wonder what do you think about the following.

We’re in the process of training ourselves to be more productive by focusing on what really matters to each of us, what things are pulling our attention away from the important things we must take care of in a timely matter. Having said this, we are taking special attention to the use of the Fields To: and Cc: on the Notes, and for this it would be awesome to be able to also filter by this criteria on the Inbox, don’t ya think?

When someone addresses a Note To you, they are expecting you to respond or do something, But If you are just Cc’ed it is just to keep you informed.

I’m aiming to implement Inbox Zero on Shotgun.



Hi @doc,

Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us. Yay, I personally think it’s a great one. You could follow the post here to submit your feature request.

And thank you again for starting this thread. Let’s have the discussion going on. Post what you think is the best SG inbox or further what’s the best SG communication and notification system you are seeking for. All the discussion will be valuable to our evolution of SG communication/notification.



Hey @doc,

In lieu of the Inbox having the ability to sort Notes by To or Cc at this time, I like to make the Note page (or a Note tab on an Artist Page) that is filtered by these fields. So I create a saved filter in the Filter Panel for all Notes addressed To “Me” and a saved filter for all notes Cc to “Me”. This way, no matter who accesses that Notes page, the notes will be relevant to them. When the Note has been addressed, it can be closed and you can filter it off the page to help with the idea of “inbox zero”.

Perhaps this is something that you have in play already, but it’s quite helpful to have easy access to it from your Note page.



I was about to say exactly what Beth said - use a customized page with the Detail view and it’s basically a filterable Inbox, but without notifications.

As a result, you can check that page when you have the time (rather than being interrupted), and the Inbox can become primarily for things that require immediate attention and/or client communications.

(Not that I don’t think additional filters in the Inbox wouldn’t be handy as well!)


I’m with ya @jlweiss! - I always say it’s better to check for the data when you need it, rather than have it come at you when you might not.

Personally, I’m not a fan of notifications - with so much viewing flexibility in Shotgun, I like to make home pages for everything I and my users need to see at a glance. They will always be up to date and relevant because it’s the source of the data, vs being an outdated notification of data that once was.

That being said, the data will only be as up to date as the people who update it :wink: haha.


Thanks for your comments and suggestions, I’m also not a big fan of having my attention being kidnapped by notifications, and I do like to create custom pages, but I was thinking this feature to be oriented towards the regular new users by taking advantage of having an “Inbox”.