SG email - How to CC users on a task and receive email in SG Inbox

How do I use the CC field of a task so that any user, besides the user under the Assigned To field, can receive notes in their SG Inbox, even if they are not directly CC’d on the note?

We have artists Assigned To shots, and the supervisor is put under the CC field of the task. However when the artist sends a new note, and the relevant task is selected in the note settings, the supervisors wouldn’t receive the note in their Sg Inbox. However, they received emails in their email client (ie Gmail). Is this an SG feature that CC’d on Task doesn’t receive emails in SG Inbox?

Edit-1, in my Email Notifications, I have enabled “Email me about Tasks that I’m involved in … or cc’d on”

Edit-2, We don’t want the Artist to cc a supervisor on a note. We want the supervisor(s) who are in the CC field of a task to automatically receive the notes in their SG Inbox.

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Hi @Shervinion

Thanks for writing in and posting your question, we’ll be happy to help out here.

So, the CC field actually is only used for legacy email notifications. If you have someone in the CC field and you have the below email setting checked, then those users will receive email updates
on those tasks (but only via email)

This functionality was in place BEFORE we introduced the Shotgun Inbox & Following Features. in Shotgun 5.0.

With the newer Inbox & Following functionality, a user needs to be following a task in order to receive updates in their Shotgun inbox (and by email). When you assign a user to a task, they automatically follow it and will receive updates (as specified in your Follow Settings)

I should note that we *don’t recommend using legacy email notifications (those listed under *more notification options) in conjunction with the following notifications, it’s better to use one of the other, as otherwise, you could receive duplicate emails about the same thing

Now, in your case, if you want to continue to use the CC field and the legacy email notifications, unfortunately, there is no way you’ll be able to get that notification in the Shotgun inbox (since it was functionality designed before the inbox existed).

However, if you want to use the following setting & inbox notifications, then you just need to make sure anyone who wants to receive updates is either assigned to that task (or following it).

Let us know what you think and we’ll be happy to advise further. If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to give us a shout.



Hi Andrew,
Thank you for your detailed answer. I didn’t know about the legacy vs. new email notifications.
Based on your suggestions, we tried a few combinations of Email settings. Now, I can receive both notifications in my SG Inbox and email for a task that I follow without being cc’d on the Note; which is perfect.

Btw, I realized that if I enable both the Follow Email Notifications and the legacy “Email me about Notes that I’m involved in …”, when someone sends a Note (that I’m not cc’d on) and selects a Task (that I Follow), then I’d receive duplicate emails. The solution, as you suggested, was to turn off the Legacy notification. Thank you.

I have a follow-up question:
How can a user set the Follow, or bulk Follow on a bunch of tasks, for another user?
In our studio, at the beginning of an episode, PMs would put the Lead in the CC field of a Task so that the Lead can assign the Task to their artists, and stay informed on the progress. I’d prefer them to use Follow, instead of Tasks CC field, because as you said the CC field is legacy, and because the Leads would prefer receiving SG notifications in their SG Inbox.
I have looked at this great answer by @tram:
Following Versions Updated in an Episode

I am in favor of Pull instead of Push, or even better a combination of Pull-Push with gate-keeping. From all the solutions in the above answer, option-1, Assuming Identity, is the closest to solution however it would require PMs to have Admin controls (or elevated Permissions for Managers). Furthermore, by switching between identities, SG keeps prompting the user to switch identity for any window, tab, or app such as SG Desktop.

If @tram’s 4 solutions are the only possibilities, do you think this feature, i.e. allowing a user to set Follow for other users, is something SG team would consider for future?


Hi @Shervinion

Thanks for the update there, I should note that when a user gets set to the assigned to field on a task, they will automatically begin following that task. This is a bit of special functionality that is specific to tasks. So if users are assigned to the task, they’ll always be following it. The same applies for when you un-assign a user from a task (they’ll unfollow the task).

Unfortunately, without assigning a user to the task, there isn’t a way to force another user to follow tasks, however, you could utilise the assume identify feature where you can log in as another user and then bulk follow from the right-click menu

If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to give us a shout.