SG Ticket not sending email

Hi guys,

I am trying to run down why when I receive a Ticket in SG I do not get an email. If it is directed to me or a Group that I am part of, either in the To or CC fields, I do not get an email. My notification settings are as such:

User Prefs:
Email me whenever I receive a note.
Email me about Tickets that I’m involved in (those that I’ve created or replied to, or where I’m a recipient).

Account Prefs:
Subscribe to My Inbox Note Emails
Subscribe to My Tickets

Is there a more global setting that I am missing or an option that I need to check in SG? The problem I am running in to is if I am not watching the Ticket page for new entries the Tickets are going unnoticed. I also do not get an email when I create a Ticket, even though I have that option checked in the User Prefs.

I also went and checked EVERY option for subscribing and email notification on the list. After about an hour of activity across multiple projects, I have gotten zero emails.

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Hi @mharris

Thanks for posting this here. To clarify, tickets are unfortunately not part of the Inbox, meaning the following notifications settings have no effect for tickets

Having said that, you are absolutely right that the following 2 notification settings will need to be enabled to review updates for tickets

May I confirm if you are receiving ANY email notification across the whole of Shotgun? Or is it just ticket specific ones that aren’t being received.

Either way, we’ll likely need to look into your site and your user specifically, if its possible to email us this info to and we’ll look into this for you.


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Hi @andrew.lawrence, yes I have enabled all checkboxes in the notification page you are showing here. I am getting zero emails from SG across the board, not just Tickets. I will open a support ticket as suggested, too.


Hi Mike,

Thanks for confirming that, if you aren’t receiving notifications across the board then its likely not specific to just tickets. Do drop us a mail and we’ll get you sorted but some good places to check would be

  • Confirm the email address in the email field for your user
  • Confirming if other users on the same site are receiving notifications from Shotgun

If both other users can receive emails and your emails are set correctly it would be working checking your email provider isn’t blocking any Shotgun aliases or sending them to the spam folder.

We’ll look out for your ticket and get you sorted.