Ticket Notifications

Is there anyway to notify certain users of a new ticket?

Such as Artist A created a ticket and assigned Artist B to be the one to resolve it, can Artist B be notified through SG that they got assigned a ticket?

They should be notified by email I think.
Pretty sure I’ve seen that.

If not, maybe artist a just needs to post a note saying that artist b got assigned.

Tickets can generate email notifications, but they do not plug into the Inbox w/in SG.

You can create a Note with the Ticket in the entity field.

That’s what we do, it’s a bit irritating because it will send double email notifications though. One for the Note and one for the Ticket.

Where exactly would I find the entity field to place the note in?

Do you know where you can enable the email notifications for tickets?

Woops the Note field I was thinking of is note_links or Links in the web UI. That field is normally used to store the related tasks, assets, or shots. I’m not sure how to fill this out from the ShotGrid web UI though, I do it through the API. I don’t think Tickets have a name field so they don’t seem to show up when trying to add a Ticket to the Links field of a Note.

Anyone else have a better strategy for getting Tickets to show up in the Inbox?

If you go to your account settings page (user icon in the upper right in SG), you check on these options:

This worked! Thank you so much!

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