E-mail notification

When a published files,. How to get notification in mail team leader wise. I need coding wise can you help please.

Hii guy’s I’m waiting for your reply. Please help

Hey @dillip

Check out this other post on how to CC a specific person to a Task or have them Follow a Task to receive notifications. Any Versions or PublishedFiles then linked to those Tasks should trigger a notification.

For Followed Tasks make sure to select:

Email me whenever there’s an update to something I’m following.

For CC’d Tasks make sure to select:

Email me about Tasks that I’m involved in (those that I’m assigned to or CC’d on).
Email me whenever a new Version is created on something that I am CC’d on.

How to write coding wise. I try to add my publish file.

The only way to provide any notification or communication via code is by creating a Note entity and linking this to your PublishedFile. This still requires Account Settings changes for the recipient to enable an email notification however, specifically:

Email me whenever I receive a note.
Email me about Notes that I’m involved in (those that I’ve created or replied to, or where I’m a recipient, except for file attachments).

Check out the following post for a Python API example:

And for a REST API example:

ThanQ you for support