Create a notification/message with shotgun_api3?

I am currently trying to build a python script to use as a custom note importer to get around the need to have the shot/version ID in a excel doc for bulk import.

sg.create(‘Note’) is working great, but none the the additional functions (IE notifications/emails) are generated for the users when using this function. Of course, I am currently working around the email creation issue, but I would very much like the users who are receiving the imported notes to get the SG notifications in their inbox!

Is there a way to generate that message/notification via python shotgun_api3?

Thanks all!!

See this post : Create Note using shotgun-api - #9 by purplepaulette

Hey, I know this discussion is from a while ago, I had the same problem and I was able to solve it. On the scripts page in shotgrid there is a field called Generate Events and I needed to have that checked on for my scripts.

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AWESOME!! Thank you for your response - that’s great news