Inbox filters and conditions

I’m getting a lot of notifications in my Inbox and would like to filter my inbox notifications based on some sort of condition. I follow all kinds of entities but I only want to get notifications when a specific user/users send their messages/versions etc. to an entity. So far I only found the types filter containing few options but couldn’t find a more detailer filter option.

Hi @RoVa

There isn’t a direct inbox filtering system like you’d find on pages as far as I’m aware. You can adjust your email notifications and following settings under your account settings.
For reference here is the help page about how the inbox and following system work if you need it.

If you just want to know what specific users are doing, you can follow them directly. Something to note, if you are assigned to or in a group assigned to a task or in the reviewer fields, you automatically are following that shot/asset.

Another option that might work is to create a versions/notes page that displays the latest for the users you’re interested in. This gives you detailed flexibility around how you filter and see what is important specifically for you. This doesn’t help with the notifications but it can give you a central page to monitor which can sometimes be easier then moving through an inbox.

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I’ve went through the documentation but found out the settings are limited for my needs but the versions/notes page you mentioned sounds good. I’ll look into it.
Thank you for the help Pete. :slight_smile: