Flag messages on inbox

Hi, I would like to know if it’s possible to flag messages on the inbox or categorised them in different groups. Is too easy to got lost with all the messages and I would like to be able to follow some conversations.

Thank you


Hi Alejandra!

Currently Inbox items only have two states, either read or unread. Could you provide some examples of the sort of categories/things you’d want to flag? E.g. are you receiving Notes as feedback you want to remember need to be completed?


yes it would be a good example. Or flag some messages that needs answer or others that I am waiting for an answer. or flag an important conversation that I know we would need to review the notes in the future.



I use tags for this - I have “response” for questions I’ve asked that aren’t tied to a particular version so I might lose track of them, and then “2Do” for things I need to take action on. Then I have a Notes page that filters by Open status and the tag to track things from there.