Schroedingers inbox - simultaneously read and unread

I have one vendor that has messages flagged in his inbox that are not actually visible as unread.
He is flagged as having 4 messages with the inbox red tag, but nothing visible in the “undread” list.

Any ideas what might cause this both read and unread state?



Hey JagexDrew,

It might be a permissions issue. It’s possible the vendor was assigned to a Project, got some notifications for it, did not read them, and were subsequently removed from that Project. We’d need to investigate your site directly to know the root cause.

As a quick fix, you can have them click the “Mark all as Read” button in the Inbox, and that should clear up the phantom badge. If you need a deeper investigation, reach out to the support team directly at with details (user name, site URL), and we’ll dive in.