Inbox unread number mismatch

Does anyone have an issue with their inbox where the unread number is different than the message they can see?

When the message came, chrome will pop out inbox alert, but the user cant views the message in the inbox.


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Hi Ken,

Thanks for the question - this often happens when there is some sort of permission rule that disallows users from seeing certain types of Notes, quite often Client Notes. We have a polish ticket to address this incongruity, but it hasn’t yet been addressed.


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Hi @ngkahoken,

You may want to see if this is still an issue… we recently released a fix for ghost notifications in the inbox, relating to archived projects. Check it out here, and let us know if the issue persists (then it’s likely due to the issue @Beth relayed).

8.17 Release Notes

Thanks for helping! I’ll look into it.

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