Notes page only showing first note


we usually never use teh notes page but we were just debugging why an artist wasn’t receiving any notes when I realised that the Notes page only seems to show the first note in a conversation. Is there a way to show all notes, including replies?

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Hey @frank!

If you put a Notes page into Detail View, then you can see the thread of the Note, including replies. If you prefer to stick with List View, I like to create a couple complimentary Query Fields:

This is the best I’ve been able to create outside of the Detail View for List lovers like myself. This is a hot topic in some circles and I highly recommend submitting a feature request on our roadmap for better threaded note visibility. It be best to include why the Detail View may not work for you, and why you like to use the List view instead if that is your preference. How would you like to view notes?



Great, thanks Beth! I like your suggestions and will set up those fields as well now.
Maybe a view similar to an email clients threaded display would be good. At least that is what most people woudl expect I think.

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