Inbox Keyboard Shortcuts


I’ve been wondering for a way to speed up note replying from the inbox tab on SG.
When dealing with a huge amount of notes daily, being able to not touch the mouse and keep browsing through keyboard navigation only would speed up my workflow considerably.

Here’s the approach I’d thought of that may (or may not) work, but in my head makes quite some sense:

  • When a note has several replies that do not fit on the screen, when opening the notification just scroll directly to the first unseen message, without having to scroll by yourself all the way through (we’ve had projects with over 100 replies on the same note and this makes quite a lot of sense)

  • If I want to reply, It’d be awesome to just hit the R key and the text field gets enabled letting me type my response, then sending it by hitting control or command plus the enter key, just like Gmail or Twitter do.

Then I could maybe hit N or P to go to the next and previous notes, letting me browse quickly without even touching my mouse!

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Hey @alfonso, thanks for the suggestion!

I highly recommend you head on over to this post to learn how to get your idea in front of our Product team and perhaps one day, you can see it come to life! The best product ideas are the ones that are accompanied by reasons why/how it would be useful to your production or project (as you’ve indicated in this post).

As it stands, the UI for the Shotgun Inbox (or similar Note Detail Views) does not contain any keyboard shortcuts, so be sure to let the product team know it’s important to you.


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Yes! Just happened to read around right after sending the message! :sweat_smile:
I reported it to the roadmap page right after posting it here too! Hope it gets considered in future updates :smiley: