Hiding Media Download Links in Shotgun

Hi everyone :wave:

We just released an update that means you can now choose whether people in your Shotgun site have access to the links to download media or not.

To access this feature, go to People, and then reveal the “Can See Media Download Links in Shotgun” column. Simply uncheck the box for users that you want to prevent from accessing these links.


Any users that have this option unchecked will not be able to see the following links:

  • Versions > Play > Settings > View source file…
  • Versions > Uploaded Movie field
  • Versions > Thumbnail > View Image
  • Files > File field
  • Notes > Attachments
  • Notes > Annotations > View in Lightbox Viewer > Settings > Download File

By default, all existing users (as well as any newly created ones) will continue to be able to access these links, and as such will not experience any change. We are also restricting the ability to change this setting by default to permission roles that already have the ability to create users (you can reconfigure this per permission role in the usual way).

Please note: this is intended as a convenience feature and not a security one. This is simply a way for helping studios with their due diligence in protecting IP. We recommend supplementing this with the usual and recommended approaches for securing your content, even if you intend to make use of this.


Nice to see some better security controls to manage what can be exported out of the platform. It really would be nice if we had similar controls for the csv export options on a per entity basis. For example, it would be nice to be able to turn off the excel export list from the user table. This way peoples contact info is more likely to stay private. I am pretty sure I have an older ticket for this request. Thoughts?


@Romey Great suggestion, thanks for bringing this up. With our current permissions model that might be too complicated to accomplish, particularly to be able to cater for different use cases effectively. That said, I’ll definitely bear this in mind as we look at ways to make improvements to our permissions system overall.


This is great, thank you thank you!


Hooray, thanks! To clarify:
Users that have the new checkbox unchecked can still download via the client review site, right (assuming it was shared with them)?!


Hey @frank- yes the two settings are independent of each other.


Perfect, thanks so much this will be super useful to us on the next big show to include AEs in Shotgun for better communication without the risk of them going rogue and downloading random versions to put in the cut.