File Security

A freelancer from another region is joining our project for a few weeks. Is there a way I can protect our files so that they have access only to the Shot files (assets, versions, audio files, etc.) that they will be working on? It looks like as long as a user is on a project, they have access to any file on the FILES and MEDIA pages, even if they were not involved with those files. It is not clear how to secure file access for a specific artist on the Permissions page.


Hi @Cathy

Thanks for posting this and welcome to the community :slight_smile:

You are absolutely correct, that most permission groups have access to all files in their assigned projects. In order to further limit this to see files from assigned tasks, I’d highly reccomend checking out the Vendor permission group.

This group has some special (what we call) conditional permissions that are built into that group, including:

Vendors can only see Projects that they are specifically assigned to. Additionally, Vendors can only see:

* Tasks that they (or a group that they are in) are assigned,
* Shots and Assets if they (or a group that they are in) are assigned to a Task on that Shot or Asset,
* Notes if they (or a group that they are in) are in the To or CC field, or if they created the Note, and
* Versions that they create.  

This means they will only see files associated with anything mentioned above. You can read more about this below

If you also use this vendor permission group for actual vendor and perhaps want to open it up further to your freelancer, we’d suggest duplicating that permission group (so that it includes the conditional permissions mentioned) but then allows you to open it up to your liking.

If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to give us a shout.