Security of the "View source file"

I am curious about the security of the “View source file” feature that appears when clicking on the gear button when viewing a Version in Overlay Player.

*Does that option pulls from the sg_uploaded_movie field or from some other Version path-field hierarchy?
*Is there a Permission Rule that can be written to disable that option for various Permission Roles?


In 8.11 was released the ability to control which users can view the source file for media. This is a separate options that is enabled per user (not per permission group).

Any users that have this option unchecked will not be able to see the following links:

Versions > Play > Settings > View source file…
Versions > Uploaded Movie field
Versions > Thumbnail > View Image
Files > File field
Notes > Attachments
Notes > Annotations > View in Lightbox Viewer > Settings > Download File

*That action pulls from the uploaded movie field.