Filter viewed shots from media page?

Hey, another silly problem that I’m sure is mostly me not using shotgun enough.

I’m trying to quickly tech check shots from the media page. I open it up, play shots from the browser, get a sense if they’re ok or broken. I can see the little blue triangle+circle icon go gray after I’ve viewed, I’d like to hide viewed shots as I go. If I use the filter ‘viewed’, it hides some, but not all, I can’t understand the pattern.

I’ve attached a video that better explains what I’m trying, any advice? Is there a better way to do quick reviews of lots of things?

Should also point out that r.clicking several clips and choosing ‘mark viewed’ also doesn’t hide them after refreshing the page with the filter enabled.


Hi @mestela

Sorry for the problem. It might be a bug. Will discuss with team and come back to you.



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Hi @mestela

Hope you are well and thanks so much for the clear repro-video!

So in your video, you are actually filtering on the versions status field. This is actually totally separate to if a version is viewed/un-viewed.

The status field of the version can be edited by anyone who has permission to see & edit that field, however, it’s a manual change, so when you actually view the version in the overlay player, that status field does not update automatically.

This is why you are seeing weird results with your filter, what you’ll want to do is set up a filter that is using a separate field called viewed/un-viewed. This is a slightly special field that keeps a result (per-user) of which versions that have viewed.

As soon as you open a version in the overlay player, that counts as a view. You can toggle this with the right-click action (Mark as Viewed/Un-viewed)

Now, you’ll notice you if you try to add that field to your regular filter panel, it is greyed out.


This is due to the special nature of that field, it can’t be used as a quick filter, HOWEVER there is a way around this.

If you go to the bottom of your filter panel, where you see my version filters you have the option to create a new filter where this field is available to be used. Please see the video below that demonstrates this

Hope that helps, if you have any further questions don’t hesitate to give us a shout.



Wow, fantastically clear and thorough reply, thanks!

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