Favorite saved filters on Versions, Shots, Assets?

I’m thinking of ways of making Shotgun more immediately useful out of the box, and wondering if we could provide new users with some saved filters by default to better illustrate what you can do, for instance, with a fully fledged Versions page.

I made these two filters I thought would be generically useful:

Anyone have any more suggestions? What saved filters have you made for Versions, Shots, Assets, or anything else that you think are really useful?


Hey Dennis - I thought I’d get the conversation started here, in hopes of encouraging others to jump in. :beer:

Not sure if this is outside the scope of what you are after here, but I was just talking to a client this week who was trying to setup better visibility on how many times the client had reviewed a Version. This is probably something more easily achieved with Query Fields or Conditional Formatting, but maybe there is a useful filter here as well. Something along the lines of showing any Version that had been included in a Playlist of a certain Type, or Versions that had Client Notes associated with them:

It might also be useful just to be able to browse the Versions that had been included in a Playlist:

Do these resonate with anyone? Any other ideas for what could be helpful here?


Ok, I’ll chime in…first a quick background.

Our scenario is probably a bit different than others. We have multiple projects running that involve the same reviewers. However, most of the reviewers are part time instructors who can’t always look at everything. I don’t want to assign them as reviewers because of this (too much email/contact). Sadly, it also seems that it would remove Shotgun Create as a possibility for use in this situation. Oh, and pretty much everyone is a newbie to Shotgun.

So I plan to create filters for tasks that match what the reviewers would likely cover, and have them use the Screening Room. Then they can use the premade filters per project and give their feedback that way.

What do you think? Are there better alternatives to this idea?