Filter and better search sorely missing from the workfliles and load apps

Hi guys,

Our people regularly grumble how the workfliles and load apps offer too few in filtering, sort and search, compared to the web app. Any ideas or plans there?


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Hi @Hristo_Velev!

Are there specific filters, sorting, and searches that you would like to see?

We do not have plans right now to expand that for Workfiles / Loader (other than an experimental branch we have that allows you to configure the sort order for the My Tasks tab in Workfiles), but I’d love details on what you’re looking for and we can track that as a feature request.

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Hi Rob,

The best thing would be to have the filter, sort and grouping that we have in shotgun web. The way work files and publishes are displayed is limiting too - if we had a grid where we can choose fields, sort and filter, that would be great. There are so many things published, people need tools to find the right things.

Currently, the card that is displayed per publish doesn’t contain much info, and it’s difficult to say who published it, when, which are things our people use often, and we can’t use custom fields we put in the database, to customize the display.

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Thanks for the extra info! I’m adding all this to our backlog.