Why is Media forcing me into ShotGrid Create?

I’m trying to review versions in Media as I update Client Review playlists and I’m getting a message I have to download ShotGrid Create - is this a bug or a new thing we have to do now?

Hi @jlweiss ,

Curious to know how you play your media? By double clicking on the thumbnail? Unfortunately, I do not come across the same issue.


To be clear, this is only happening in the capital-M Media area - all the other parts of ShotGrid are behaving as they did before, so I can play things from the thumbnail. But if I want to use Client Review to send things to clients, I have to do that from Media, and once I’m there, if I try to play something, it tells me I have to download/open Create to see it. I can work around it, but it’s extremely annoying.

Alright. Still failed to reproduce it on the global Media page. Thinking maybe a browser cache issue? Not quite sure though.

It did start happening after I rebooted so, maybe?

Oh I think I figured it out - some weird setting that maybe wasn’t around before or I somehow managed to accidentally change?

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