ShotGrid Create doesn't display any media

Hi everyone,
I’m new to ShotGrid and currently a trial license user.

I’m trying out the My Reviews page in ShotGrid Create, but I’m running into an issue where the media (neither the thumbnail for assets nor the movie for each version) isn’t showing up.

This issue occurs regardless of the project.

As a side note, media can be played in Screening Room.

My Shotgrid Create version is 2022.3.5.

Thank you and best regards.

Could anyone please help me?

Hi, I am not sure why this happens for you.
We have little to go on, does the version media have a playable thumbnail in ShotGrid?

Hi Ricardo,
thank you for your reply.

The version media are playable (thumbnails are also showed) in ShotGrid as shown in the images below.

Thank you,