Different aspect ratios in playlist images

Hi all,

I am having a bit of trouble with the aspect ratios when trying to review playlists in shotgrid create.

Aspect ratios don’t seem to fill in automatically on version fields for assets, but it looks like this is causing issues when reviewing in shotgrid create.

What I’m seeing is a few images and videos within the playlist look fine and the right ratio, but others in the playlist will be stretched and distorted (I assume because their source ratio is different to the others within the playlist)

Anybody know any fixes for this? Would I have to go over each version and input each aspect ratio? That seems like a lot of work considering a lot of artists on the project are using different image ratios.


Hi Lauren!

Shotgrid Create supports mixed frame aspect ratios, even in playlists. You should not have to input each version’s frame aspect ratio. If you leave those fields empty, Shotgrid Create will honor the media’s frame aspect ratio (stored in the media’s metadata, directly in the media files). The Version’s “Frames Aspect Ratio” field can be used to override the media’s metadata, but leaving it empty should work just fine.

Are you using mixed codecs? Have you noticed if a specific codec (or any pattern) causes this issue?

Can you share an example of file that, when uploaded to Shotgrid, put in a Playlist and looked at through Shotgrid Create will exhibit the issue? That would simplify debugging it.


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