Shotgrid Create stuck on loading

Hi! I installed Create at work, and it gets stuck when loading the player, but that’s the only issue, other stuff; notes, statuses, playlists, thumbnails, login, everything else works fine…

Any clues? Should I downgrade my version of create to match the shotgun one? Thanks a lot in advance!

We are using a locally hosted version of Shotgun v8.16.0.5484 (build 2fa01fd)
And this is my version of ShotGrid Create 2021.10.2
Windows 10 Pro

Some of the error in my Create log file, are the following not sure if it is related:

[warn] 6740 11/23/21:15:31:37.874 [ QT ] [ default ] qrc:/src/ui/qml/FloatingPlayer.qml:104: TypeError: Type error

[error] 6740 11/23/21:15:29:29.218 [ BROWSER (Main Page)] ResizeObserver loop limit exceeded
[error] 6740 11/23/21:15:29:29.220 [ BROWSER (Main Page)] Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Failed to fetch

[warn] 6740 11/23/21:15:31:37.874 [ QT ] [ default ] qrc:/src/ui/qml/FloatingPlayer.qml:104: TypeError: Type error

[error] 6740 11/23/21:15:30:23.559 [ PLAYER ] Failure

[error] 6740 11/23/21:15:29:43.488 [HTTP Error] failed with code 400
[error] 6740 11/23/21:15:29:43.488 [ ANALYTICS ] FAILED TO LOG EVENT: SGC Prefered media representation changed kShotgunHttpError {“count”:0}

[error] 6740 11/23/21:15:29:28.660 [Shotgun] unhandled exception: API timeline() unrecognized ‘media_ref_fields’ key:

[error] 6740 11/23/21:15:29:28.977 [ BROWSER (Main Page)] Failed to load No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource. Origin ‘qrc://’ is therefore not allowed access. The response had HTTP status code 404. If an opaque response serves your needs, set the request’s mode to ‘no-cors’ to fetch the resource with CORS disabled.


The Shotgun version you are using is very old (was released in August 2020). ShotGrid Create 2021.10.2 player is not compatible with it because it requires a field introduced some months ago to properly load the media.

Local install customers have access to all versions of Create to allow them to use older versions of it to fit with their version.

We are sorry the app doesn’t notice the user in such case, we will work to do better here.

Thank you for your understanding,


Hi thanks a lot for the info! I was suspecting that, can you tell which is the version of create that matches my shotgun? And how can I download it? the link inside my shotgun page is somehow broken… thanks!


@lampronf Hi! Me again, I actually managed to enter the link in my page manually typing

And it actually downloaded Version 2021.5.7 , is this really the latest version I can use ? It does not have any playlist support features : (

Is there a way I can manually download other versions in between this two ? se if there is a newer one which also works ? thanks!

I’ll try to figure out the exact latest compatible version for you. I’m pretty sure there should be no issue having access to playlists.

That said, 2021.5.7 does contain Playlists since it’s a release from May 2021 and Playlists released in May 2020.


@lampronf Thanks a lot in advance! Oh that’s weird! actually playlists were working on the latest version; I mean I couldn’t play any shot but I was able to see the thumbnails and statuses of the shots, so most probably is not a permission issue or something.

Thanks for helping me to know the best version, and then again, is there a page with links available to all the released versions?



I think it might be because the feature is not enabled by default in ShotGrid 8.16.

I confirm that 2021.05.7 is the latest compatible build available for ShotGrid 8.16.

The builds of Create for Local Installs are available to download in Account Center.

I’m not sure yet why playlist is not enabled.

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@lampronf Thanks a lot for your quick response!

Playlists is actually the feature I was looking for, if you are sure I should be able to see them (I could in the latest version, so maybe is not a permission or enable feature is it?) and you can help me figure it out why! Ill thank you forever!

haha, it definitely should be there in 2021.05.7. I don’t see why at first glance why it’s not. I’m digging a bit more.

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Hi again !

Sorry for the delay, we investigated solutions to unlock the feature on the build. We know why it doesn’t work and we have a potential solution for it. We will contact you as soon as possible. We need to understand how we can provide you the workaround.

Thanks for your understanding

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Hi @lampronf !
Is there something I can try by myself ? something I need to tweak in tk-desktop2 ?
Can you outline me the problem? thanks!

I’m currently and actively in contact to find you the support contact needed :slight_smile:

@macbeth hey there! I’m not on the support team currently, but I used to be on the Street team and I’m a Shotgrid Subject Matter Expert. Francisca has looped me in to try to help you resolve your issue.

Are you able to upgrade your local install? If you’re able to update to at least Shotgrid 8.21 (the current release is Shotgrid 8.32), it will fix your issue. It looks like your current site version is 8.16 which has was released in August 2020. Since you’re on a version of Shotgrid that’s more than a year old, and we’re confident upgrading would solve the issue you’re encountering, we’d recommend upgrading your local install as the best path forward.

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Hi thanks for your help!
Unfortunately no, is not that easy for us to update right now, and it’s also not my decision and/or “Shotgrid Create” a priority.

Is there any workaround I can try? Can I know what’s the fix ? Maybe I can tweak some field names to make it work? tk-desktop2


There might be a work around we can try toggling under the hood for you. Can you open the ports to your site?

I want to stress that the work around is not the recommended fix, as upgrading your site is the most clean, and ideal option, but we can give it a go.


@macbeth, just checking on this again. Please ping this thread if you want to open the ports so I can toggle the plan B option for your site. If not, no worries! Just know that updating your local install version will do the trick.

Sorry I didn’t see this before! Thanks a lot for your help! sorry I had been in crunchtime, is a great Idea! Ill talk with my sups and let you know, please don’t close this yet, Thanks!!

Merry Xmas!!